Parcel Delivery Services Melbourne


Parcel Delivery Service in Melbourne

Do you need to send an urgent parcel but do not have time for it? Do you need to transfer something precious but cannot trust the courier services for that? We are here to make your life easy with our huge fleet of silver taxi services in Melbourne. Cabs in Melbourne with trained drivers and clean taxis provide parcel delivery services in the Melbourne area. We can deliver or transfer your parcels from one place to another without any hassle. You can rely on us for important paper delivery as well as for taking your important and expensive stuff around the city.

Well trained drivers with experience

Our drivers are trained for parcel service to make sure they handle it with care. The drivers will collect the parcel from you, get your signature and will place it in the car to keep it safe on the ride. Once they reach the destination, the driver will hand over the package to the designated person once confirming his identification and get a signature on the receipt. The driver will leave the place once everything is confirmed and the client gets satisfied delivery. You can rely on our drivers for your priceless items as well.

Safety comes first

To make sure that the package is delivered without any damage or loss, Cabs in Melbourne follow a set protocol for safety. All the drivers are hired after rigorous background checks. We collect addresses, check identification and make sure they are fit for the job having high credibility. Also, our every taxi is GPRS enabled so it can be tracked down very easily monitoring the route of the driver.

Our driver will collect the parcel from the pickup address along with information on the person who will be available on the destination. To ensure the safety of the package, the parcel will be delivered only to the person selected by the customer and no one else. The package will be handed over once identification is confirmed. We understand the importance of swift parcel delivery and we will make sure it is done smoothly with help of our expert drivers.

Timely delivery, anywhere in the city

With our fleet of silver taxi service, we can provide expert parcel delivery throughout the city. You can hire us 24*7 to take your urgent parcels from one place to another. We understand that some papers that are important to your business or work require a hand to hand delivery in minimal time possible. Our drivers are well versed with entire Melbourne region so they can reach any destination mentioned by you for the delivery in no time.

You can get the best price for service with us for parcel deliveries in Melbourne city. Just give us a call and share details of the weight of the parcel and where it needs to be taken. We will provide you with the best quote in entire Melbourne city. You can make the booking on the website as well as over an SMS as well and we will get in touch with you.